A little about 'California Scents'

California Scents® started in 1993 with the first 100% pure, organic fragrance oil air fresheners packed in recyclable aluminum canisters. Today the company is a leading manufacturer of natural air freshening products for home, office or automobile—as well as for pet owners. 

Over the years, the high standards by which California Scents® products are produced have not changed.  Moreover, each handcrafted scent is still proudly created in the USA with an environmentally friendly approach. California Scents® products are available in over 50 fragrances, and can be found in more than 100 countries worldwide.  

In 2015 California Scents® became part of the HandStands® family of brands.  Handstands®, was founded in 1983 and has continuously worked to improve people's lives by developing products for real world, everyday use. Handstands® offers a wide variety of unique air freshening and cleaning products under the Refresh Your Car®, Lexol®, Driven®, California Scents® and Bahama & Co® brands.